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You always hear how good it is for you to get moving, how much better it is for your health to ditch the car, so today you decide to start taking a walk or bike to work, and you work on getting into your routine.  And if you are like me you are going to want to know what the impact of your new routine is.  I’ve been using and reading about a few fitness tracking apps and gadgets and here is what I’ve discovered so far.

Personally I love the Withings Pulse (yes, husband recommended).  It’s small and clips to your pocket, and it comes with a great app to track your sleep, activity, and pulse. However, (again) if you’re like me a downside might be that this small device can get lost in one of your many big bags and can’t track it down (I’ve already lost mine once).
Another option is a wrist fitness tracker – they come in many shapes and colors, some bulkier, some more or less obvious.  A negative is that most of them do not have a display and you have to keep track of your steps/activity by checking your phone app.  You can find a list of them with reviews on the Consumer Reports website (

A general downside of all these – most don’t track swimming or biking (my Withings does not).   But if  you are the “bleeding edge” type and  you want a gadget that keeps track of all activities including, cycling, swimming, jogging and other cardio activities you can reserve the new ankle band, FlyFit (full review here ).

Whatever you choose to keep track of your activity during the day you will be much more conscious about your activity and will be checking frequently to see if you reached that 10,000 steps/activity a day goal (I may not always succeed but I always try!).

And now, about the title…the last gadget I want to discuss, although unrelated to fitness tracking, is a very original one and can be called a real lifesaver when the need arises!  It solves the problem of wearing a skirt while biking (to work) – something you don’t think about sometimes until it’s too late, and something that the males among us have never had to experience.

If you have a penny or any coin, and a rubber band, then you can secure your skirt while you are biking (see the link below).  Fashion and commuting at its best! This is all over the internet but I couldn’t help but repost it because sometimes the simplest things are the best!  Thank you Johanna Holtan for sharing!


Please feel free to share some of your tips and tricks that helped you keep track of your activity.

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