When commuting by bike you:

  • Lessen your impact on the environment. Biking has virtually no carbon footprint.
  • Improve your health and reduce stress. On average, bike commuters lose 13 pounds during their first year of commuting by bike!
  • Save money. Gas (and wear and tear on your car) is expensive; pedal power is free.

GMTMA can help you get rolling with the programs and services listed below:

Bikes + Transit

Combine bicycling and transit by transporting your bike on the bus, train or light rail or using bike racks and lockers at transit facilities. To learn more about NJ TRANSIT’s Bike Program click here.

Rail Station Bike Lockers

Greater Mercer TMA is NJ TRANSIT’s agent for bicycle locker rentals at the Hamilton, Princeton Junction and Point Pleasant Rail Stations.

The enclosed lockers easily fit a bike, helmet and some gear. Lockers can be rented in six-month or one-year periods for $7.50 per month with a $50 deposit refunded upon return of the key. Call GMTMA (609-452-1491) or send us an email for more information.

Bike Locker Rental Agreement

Call first to confirm locker availability. View Agreement

Commuters who rent bike lockers at Princeton Junction, Hamilton and Point Pleasant Stations ride their bikes an average of three times a week. In one year, by biking instead of driving to the station, they saved:

  • 46,682  pounds of CO2 being released
  • 2,406 gallons of gasoline from being used
  • 57,510 miles from being driven

Emergency Ride Home Program

Greater Mercer TMA’s Emergency Ride Home program gives registered bicyclists a free lift home if they get locked out of their train station locker due to a problem with the locker or have a major mechanical problem. Applies to bike commuters who live more than two miles from work or station locker. Click here to register.

Bike Share in Mercer County

Mercer County Park Bike Share program is available at three locations around the County park system — Mercer County Park, Rosedale Park and the Red Barn in Mercer Meadows. Learn more here.

Greater Mercer Trails Plan

Greater Mercer Trails Plan and companion Design Book are available here.

Bike Registration in West Windsor

Bike owners can register their bikes with the West Windsor Police. They provide self-adhesive aluminum tags that attach easily to your bike frame and are very difficult to remove. Each tag has a unique number that makes it easier to ID and return stolen bicycles to their owners. To register click here.

Bike Maps

Safety Matters

Be Seen: A front white light and rear back light are essential and required.

Be Heard: Let others know you’re approaching. Bells are required.

Be Right: Ride in the same direction as traffic, as far to the right as practicable.

Be Headstrong: It’s always smart to wear a helmet. Under 17 it’s required.

Know the regulations. Learn more.

We’ll help you find your best route: Contact us for your customized map and biking questions.

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