Cabin Fever? Just Bike

Over the last few weeks, we all had to change our routines and learn to live with limitations. We are all required to practice social distancing to flatten the curve, and it looks like we are making an impact, so please don’t stop now. If you [...]


According to a recent news article, NJ Residents are responding to the 2020 census at a lower rate than the national average.   Did you know that census data helps communities respond to natural disasters and secure funding for hospitals and [...]

Steps and Pedals for Your Heart

February is Heart Month, your yearly reminder to take care of your heart health. There is no shortage of advice, apps, books, shows, magazines, and other resources on how to get and stay healthy. Most of us have tried a few at some point and [...]

Meet Our Newest Team Member

In this week’s blog we would like to introduce and welcome our newest team member, Steven daCosta. He is GMTMA’s Transportation Planning Specialist. What attracted you to this job? I liked the idea of working for a nonprofit, and I really liked [...]

Holiday Travel Tips and Updates

It looks like this holiday season we’ll need to pack patience when hitting the road. According to the AAA holiday travel forecast, more Americans than ever will be traveling this holiday season. Starting on Saturday, December 21 through January [...]

Be Safe Be Seen on Halloween

Fall is here and days are shorter, it’s getting dark earlier which means you have to pay extra attention when you are on the road. Drivers should look out for children and make sure they drive the speed limit in the school zone. October is also [...]

Go4Life !

September is Healthy Aging Month and the National Institute on Aging is urging everyone to Get Motivated! Get Moving! Go4Life!  The campaign includes a website with resources for anyone interested in organizing a program, starting an exercise [...]



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