We Need More Inclusive Public Spaces

Last week we read a very interesting article from Bloomberg CityLab on the lack of public spaces designed for adolescent girls. In the article, the authors talk about the way public spaces are designed and what they should include to make [...]

This Weekend is National Trail Day

National Trail Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in June.  It was established to celebrate, improve, and advocate for inclusive access to trails. This past year we all saw how important outdoor spaces and trails are for our [...]

How Do We Make Biking Safer for Women?

A recent report on cycling behavior in 17 countries, showed bike commuting is gender-equal in some countries such as Netherlands, but not so in the United States. This may come as no surprise to many in the United States, but why is this gap [...]

10 Tips for Less Experienced Cyclists  

Bike month is here! If you have not yet taken your bike out, give it a try, enjoy the nice weather and the benefits of biking. You don’t need a lot of prep or spend much money on equipment to get started. Here are a few tips to help you get [...]



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