Car Free Week – Car Free City

Data from NASA shows that air pollution dropped significantly during pandemic triggered lockdowns. The NASA scientists found that the biggest drops in NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) had about 10 times more highways and interstates nearby than areas with [...]

National Read a Book Day

September 6 is National read a Book Day! We don’t know who created this national day and how it was created, but we are more than happy to celebrate it by recommending a few readings. We have asked around our office for everyone’s favorite books [...]

National Senior Citizen’s Day

National Senior Citizens’ Day   August 21st is National Senior Citizen’s Day. The holiday was instituted in 1988 to help raise awareness about issues that affect senior citizens and their quality of life. We wanted to celebrate by highlighting [...]

August is National Back to School Month

This year back to school means getting out of the pajamas and out of the house! Besides shopping for new clothes and supplies, and planning school schedules– planning how to get to school is also important. Walking and Biking to school are [...]

Returning to Work in Person Anxiety

In recent months, a few organizations conducted surveys to assess whether employees are ready to return to the office and what that return will look like.   Most of the respondents say they would like to return to the office two or three days [...]



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