January is Walk Your Dog Month

Brrrrr – It’s cold outside. All you can think of is staying under the covers where it is warm. Then you see those soulful eyes of your yellow lab pleading for you to get up and go for a walk. Alright, but first coffee. Coffee consumed, you [...]

2020 Mobility Retrospective

Let’s start the retrospective with biking news since 2020 was a good year for biking and bike shops.  For a few months the demand for bicycles was so high, people were placed on waiting lists to buy one. The “bike boom” was driven by both fears [...]

Holiday Travel Updates

Holiday Travel Updates  The holiday travel forecast is out and once again, we are seeing a significant decrease in the number of people travelling for the holidays. And that is good news, people are following the public health advice.   The CDC [...]

Winter Biking Tips

We haven’t seen any snowflakes yet, but we have already experienced a few frigid days. Winter is coming.  While many people are familiar with the prep needed for winter, this year many others have taken to biking for the first time or have [...]

World Day of Remembrance

World Day of Remembrance is commemorated every year on the third Sunday in November. This year the event will be held virtually on Sunday, November 15.   This Day is dedicated to remembering the millions of people who have been killed or [...]



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