Biking is Experiencing a Boom

That is the headline these days and it is something not seen in decades. Some call it a golden age for biking. As more and more people look to biking for transportation, exercise, and a way to spend time outdoors with the family, the number of [...]

Is your Brain Spinning? Get pedaling

As we’ve been saying for a few weeks, May is Bike Month. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s no surprise that biking and mental health are connected.  Exercise can help increase your levels of dopamine which in turn improves your [...]

Bike Month Week 2, Family Edition

It is Week 2 of Bike Month and we are looking forward to seeing more photos, stories, and pledges for the You Bike.We Give event. The response has been great so far!  It’s wonderful to see how many people are out biking. Everywhere you look [...]

Bike Safety and Bike Maps

Biking has been on the rise in the United States, and nowadays the increase can be seen all around us. More people are giving biking a try and taking their family for a ride as well. More experienced riders are on the road taking advantage of [...]

Earth Day is Everyday

This week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  It was a virtual celebration and the Earth was very happy for that. Since we have been social distancing and going out only for essential travel, pollution in the air has dropped [...]

A Dose of Optimism

The work/study from home life goes on and by now many of us are in need of a dose of optimism and hope. And there is no shortage of creativity, acts of kindness, and generosity in the world to help us with that. Even though we are all practicing [...]

Cabin Fever? Just Bike

Over the last few weeks, we all had to change our routines and learn to live with limitations. We are all required to practice social distancing to flatten the curve, and it looks like we are making an impact, so please don’t stop now. If you [...]


According to a recent news article, NJ Residents are responding to the 2020 census at a lower rate than the national average.   Did you know that census data helps communities respond to natural disasters and secure funding for hospitals and [...]

Steps and Pedals for Your Heart

February is Heart Month, your yearly reminder to take care of your heart health. There is no shortage of advice, apps, books, shows, magazines, and other resources on how to get and stay healthy. Most of us have tried a few at some point and [...]



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