What is the Greater Mercer Trails Plan?

The Greater Mercer Trails Plan study, finalized in December 2019, was conducted to support the development of a network of multi-use (biking and walking) trails and paths in the Greater Mercer area, to serve a variety of transportation needs by linking communities and the amenities within those communities with a safe, low stress option to motorized travel.

The Trails Plan is a Framework Plan for action and collaboration. It is a living plan that will take shape over time, segment by segment and community by community. The proposed plan includes a network of long distance corridors that add almost 700 additional miles of bicycle and pedestrian facilities to the existing network. GMTMA looks to continue the conversations and partnerships that helped inform this Plan to further develop concepts and assist in advancing plans toward implementation.


Greater Mercer Trails Plan

A companion Design Book was prepared with design guidance for bicycle and pedestrian improvements to serve as a resource for planners, engineers, elected officials, municipalities and the general public.


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