Find out how much money and Carbon Dioxide Emissions you could be saving by ridesharing.
Vehicle Costs
What is your daily round trip mileage?
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How many days per month do you usually drive?
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How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?
What is the cost for a gallon of gasoline?
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Monthly parking and toll costs?
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The following are average estimated costs for the U.S.
Estimated cost per mile for maintenance and tires.
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Estimated cost per mile for insurance, license, depreciation & financing.
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Your Costs
Monthly cost of gasoline for commuting:
Monthly cost of commuting:
Yearly cost of commuting:
Yearly CO2 Emissions
Your Commute:
Small car (35 MPG):
Midsize car (27 MPG):
Large Car (22 MPG):
Truck/SUV (17 MPG):
Alternate Costs
Monthly cost when carpooling with 1 person:
Monthly cost when carpooling with 2 people:
Approx. monthly cost for 7 person vanpool: (40 mile 1 way commute)
Monthly Pass for NJ Transit train from New Brunswick to Trenton:
Monthly 3 Zone NJ Transit bus Pass (example: Trenton to Princeton):
Cost per day to telecommute:
AAA Your Driving Costs, 2011 Edition
2001 Federal Highway Administration’s Cost of Owning and Operating a Vehicle
EPA Transportation and Climate information