Traveling by bus or train lets you relax and enjoy the ride while reducing your carbon footprint and saving money. Our region has a robust network of public and private transportation services, and Greater Mercer TMA can help you find the ones that work for you.

See our pages and guides to help you navigate the transit system.

Mercer County

For Mercer County rail information, click here.

For Mercer County bus information, click here.

To help you travel with public transit around Mercer County, see our Mercer County Mobility Guide. For the Spanish version click here.

Ocean County

For Ocean County rail information, click here.

For Ocean County bus information, click here.

To learn how to travel around Ocean County on transit, download the Ocean Ride Guide.


Did You Know?

  • Taking public transportation far exceeds the combined benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs, adjusting thermostats, weatherizing one’s home and replacing a refrigerator.
  • Public transportation users are more likely to meet recommended exercise goals.
  • An individual can achieve an average annual savings of more that $9,900 by taking public transporation instead of driving and by living with one less car.
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