What Are Speed Studies?

When addressing roadway safety, speed matters—a lot. Find out how fast cars are traveling in your community and remind drivers of the speed limit. Greater Mercer TMA (GMTMA) can provide free speed studies of your roads with speed limits of 45 mph or lower. GMTMA’s speed sentry sign collects data on traffic volume and motorist speed. We then evaluate the information and provide the municipality with a report documenting the data.

The Speed Sentry, also know as “Your Speed Is,” sign, is made available FREE of charge, to municipal governments and schools within Mercer and Ocean County on a rotating basis. The digital radar speed sign displays driver speed and optional messaging (ex. Too Fast), making drivers aware if they are traveling above the speed limit. The feedback provides motorists with the information to notice and improve their behavior, thereby reducing travel speed.

The signs are typically installed anywhere speeding is a concern or where there is potential for pedestrian and vehicle conflicts such as school zones, residential areas and college campuses.

speed studies
speed studies
speed studies

Our Program

The sign can be borrowed to use for a speed study or for motorist awareness only.

Typically, a speed study is conducted for one month. The sign is first programmed in stealth mode (no display) to collect baseline data from passing vehicles. After one week, the sign is changed to display mode. In this mode, the sign continues to collect data and it also displays the speed of oncoming vehicles and flashes a strobe when vehicles exceed the speed limit.

The intent of the program is to slow traffic and increase safety, and to gather information to inform and support additional pedestrian infrastructure improvements and grant applications.

Use of the speed sentry can be a stand-alone program or part of a full Street Smart pedestrian safety campaign.

For more information about conducting a speed study, contact Cheryl Kastrenakes: ckastrenakes@gmtma.org, 609 452-1491

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