Carpools and vanpools provide the flexibility and convenience of car travel but with the opportunity to significantly cut fuel costs and avoid wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Plus you’ll be helping to reduce traffic and improve air quality!

Our FREE ride matching service connects people to rides with New Jersey’s largest commuter network. Finding a carpool or vanpool that fits your schedule is easy.  Register directly here. For more information call 609 452-1491.


If you work in Mercer County, Princeton Forrestal Center, Montgomery Township or Ocean County, Greater Mercer TMA can get you on your way. You can be a driver or a passenger or both! And registering your carpool gives you peace of mind in an emergency with access to our Emergency Ride Home Program.



For longer commutes, van pooling is by far the most economical way to commute. Save thousands each year with van pooling!

A vanpool consists of 7-15 people who commute to work using a van leased by a third party vendor. Enjoy a new or newer model van or SUV with low mileage and roadside assistance included.

  • The vanpool company provides the maintenance and insurance.
  • The lease on the van is month to month, so you only have a 30 day commitment.
  • Participants decide the driving, operating and cost sharing arrangements.
  • Van pooling offers significant cost savings.

Greater Mercer TMA can help you start a vanpool and lease a vehicle from a vanpool provider.

Getting started

We can help you find an existing vanpool or start one of your own. Register directly here. For more information call 609 452-1491.


NJ Transit Vanpool Sponsorship Program

To reduce congestion, NJ Transit provides $175 per month to vanpools that lease a van through an approved third-party vanpool provider and where public transportation is not available.


If you lose a rider, the TMA’s empty seat subsidy pays that person’s share of the cost for up to three months while you find another passenger.

Pre Tax Benefits

The IRS allows up to $315 per month to be deducted from your pre-tax salary to be used to pay for vanpooling expenses. Using pre-tax money to pay for commuting reduces the amount of taxes you pay.

Emergency Ride Home Program

Greater Mercer TMA’s Emergency Ride Home program gives registered carpoolers and vanpoolers a free lift home if they have to leave early or stay late at work. Click here to register.

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