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June 21st is International Yoga Day! Here are some reasons to give it a try and celebrate it: it improves strength, balance and flexibility, helps with back pain relief, heart health, helps you relax and sleep, helps you manage stress, increases mental and physical energy, and promotes better self-care. Whether commuting by car or bike, working in an office or from home, we could all benefit from practicing yoga! 

When driving to work, taking the train, or working from home, there are concerns about sitting too much, back pain, posture, and stress. We have seen  articles saying “sitting is the new smoking.”  While experts disagree with that comparison, there is evidence that sitting at a desk, behind the wheel, or in front of a screen for extended periods is harmful. Sitting for long periods was linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Sitting for long periods can also lead to back pain, cause increased stress in the back, neck, arms, and legs. Yoga can help combat the effects of sitting. You can find a few postures to try here and a video here.  And if you already have back pain, here are a few recommendations on how to avoid further injury.  

If you are a bike commuter you may wonder how can yoga benefit you when you already get enough physical activity? Yoga is a good way to get your heart rate under control, be in control of your breathing, and helps your muscles stretch and avoid injury. Additionally, the twisting motions in yoga can help exercise the back muscles and help with back pain and combating the effects of repetitive cycling biomechanics. You can find a video here and more helpful info here. 

Yoga is also a great family activity, whether baby goat yoga, alpaca yoga, doggy noses and poses, or other outdoor yoga practice, it is sure to get everyone in the family involved. You can even find Baby Yoga Taco Tuesday events.  There are Yoga and Wine events and Peace and Pints events. Something for everyone, check out a list here. 

Happy International Yoga Day and Namaste! 



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