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We haven’t seen any snowflakes yet, but we have already experienced a few frigid days. Winter is coming.  While many people are familiar with the prep needed for winter, this year many others have taken to biking for the first time or have returned after a long time.  To help keep everyone cozy and safe, we wanted to share a few winter biking tips: 

  1. Layer up but do not overdress – look for clothing that is designed to keep you warm without being too bulky and make you sweat. Many stores sell active wear clothes that are both fashionable and functional. A few tips on choosing the right clothing are available here. Your local bike shop can also help you choose the right clothes.  
  2. Cover your head (look for a good balaclava), your extremities and your ears, and wear clear glasses to protect your eyes. 
  3. Wear something bright and equip your bike with good lights (flashing lights have a great battery life but the high-powered ones can blind the motorists behind you), it will keep you safe during low visibility conditions. White light front, red lights (flashing) back. 
  4. Equip your bike with wide tires (studded winter tires are best for icy conditions) and shoes with threaded sole so you won’t slip when you break or stop at a light and you have to put your foot down. Ask someone at your local bike shop for assistance with choosing tires and preparing your bike. 
  5. If possible, pick streets that will minimize your contact with cars. 
  6. Think safety first! – Use your judgment in snowy, slippery and/or low visibility conditions, actively manage risk through strategies to avoid travel, minimize contact with other traffic and/or make yourself as visible as possible through proper lane positioning. 
  7. Make sure you hydrate and get proper nutrition for winter biking. In cold weather you burn more calories and will need more carbohydrates. More info here. 
  8. If you are taking the little one on a ride, here are some tips on riding with children. And ladies here is a website just for you. 

If you have any questions about winter biking or biking in general please let us know , we would be happy to answer them.   

Enjoy the ride, stay safe, and have fun!  

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