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Did you ever hear the phrase “There’s an app for that “?  Well, it turns out the trademarked Apple phrase seems to be true in many cases.  Or at least that is what my husband says.  There’s an app and there’s a gadget too and he has tried almost all of them! When it comes to commuting, he often uses NJ Rails, Transit App, and Citymapper for his NY trip planning.  Whether you are traveling by transit, bike or car there is probably just the right app out there for you.   Here is a list of just a few of the apps available:

NJ Rails, a free app that helps you plan your trip, find the train schedule on your phone, and does not require an internet connection.  It is compatible with both Android and iOS

Transit App is a real time bus tracking app compatible with both Android and iOS.

Citymapper is a great trip planning app for NY commuters and tourists alike.  It has train, metro, or bike stations info, and also has traffic alerts. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Waze “social GPS” is a community-edited application that alerts you of traffic jams, accidents, and road hazards in real time. It can also be very helpful when you are trying to find the cheapest gas en route.  It requires an internet connection and it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Carma is a carpooling app that matches people nearby and it is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The app lets you browse through rider’s profiles and pictures and see what the cost of the ride is. It has an in-app payment system and it requires you to tap “start trip” when you get in the car and “end trip” when you get off.  Carma is just getting started in our area and is used primarily for “dynamic or real time ridesharing.”  If that does not sound like something you would like to do, GMTMA also has a carpool, vanpool matching service. You can register on our website  and we will match you with commuters that live near you and have similar schedules.

Bike Maps is a free iOS compatible app with city maps, trails, mountain bike trails, urban and rural areas. It can also give you road conditions, traffic, and your location. Great for leisure time bike adventures too. Itdoes not require internet connection if you download the available maps, which could be really useful in the woods, mountains, and other areas where an internet connection might be problematic.

Spotcycle is mobile app that helps you find bike sharing locations all over the world.   Locate the nearest bike sharing station, create a bike route, share your route or find a route shared by other users. Free, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Bicycle parking app is compatible with both Android and iOS and helps you find bike parking, mark where you parked your bike and share new bike parking locations with other people.  In our area GMTMA is also a great resource for locating and renting a bike locker in the following areas:  Princeton Junction, Hamilton, and Point Pleasant Rail Stations.  One of our staff members, Jerry Foster, is working on a Mercer County bike rack and lockers map.  You can see his work (in progress) by clicking here.

Google maps is also a great way to find your way around. I use it to find my around when I travel, to find tourist attractions, good places to eat (reviews are very helpful), and for other directions (like finding my way back to the hotel).

This is by no means a comprehensive list of apps.  It is just a taste of what can you find out there to make your commute and travels easier and less stressful.

Let us know what your favorite commute app is!

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