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Today August 21, is National Senior Citizens Day. The day is an opportunity to recognize the valuable contributions senior citizens bring to our communities. It is a reminder to support, encourage, and enable senior citizens to live as fully and independently as possible. Most want to stay active and engaged in their communities, but the built environment doesn’t always make it possible.  Let’s show our senior citizens that we appreciate them and value them by making it easier and safer for them to stay active.  Take for example bicycling – many of us enjoy bicycling and its many benefits. But as we age, issues such as balance and eyesight can make us less confident to get on a bike and hit the road. That is why is important to have protected bike lanes that are accessible and wide enough to accommodate bicycles, tricycles, and wheelchairs.  Separated, paved bike lanes make everyone feel safe.   

Besides having safe streets, choosing a bicycle that is comfortable and easy to use is also important.  The most popular bikes to consider are: 

  • Cruiser bikes – they enable an upright position, have wider tires to improve balance and control while riding, and they have cushioned seats.  
  • Step-through bikes – make it easier for people with hip issues to get on and off the bike  
  • Adult trikes – are great for those who have never learned to ride a bike and those with balance issues.   
  • Electric bikes – are very popular nowadays and include an electric motor and battery to help provide a boost and make pedaling easier.  

And finally, a few bicycling safety tips: 

Stay safe, be patient, and remember everyone belongs on our roads and we can share it safely 



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