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The weather forecast looks great and we have amazing incentives for all of you who registered and log your Bike to Work Week miles. Hopefully we will see lots of you biking this Friday. To make sure we all get to work safely we wanted to share a few safety tips for both drivers and bicyclists.

Photo credit: US 1/

Photo credit: US 1/


  • Don’t drive distracted. It is more likely that you see cyclists if you are paying attention to the road
  • Give cyclists at least 3 feet of clearance, slow down and pass them when it is safe to do so
  • Look behind for cyclists before you open your door after parallel parking
  • Look for cyclists when turning in an intersection or backing out of the driveway
  • Do not honk; cyclists can lose their balance if you honk your horn when you are close to them
  • Bicyclists have the right to use a full lane
  • And don’t forget to smile when you see a cyclist, it will make the commute better for both of you


  • Follow all the rules of the road, including riding with traffic and stopping for signs and signals
  • Be predictable and signal your intentions to others – point right or left for turning, hand down for stopping
  • Be ready to stop at driveways
  • Make yourself visible, wear bright colors, something reflective, have a white light in the front of your bike and a red light on the back, mirrors, and bell
  • Wear a helmet

Be safe and have fun! And remember if you have questions or you need help choosing a route, you can always contact us .

And don’t forget to log your miles, share your pictures and your experiences with us.

Happy Cycling!

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