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How do we talk to children about transportation and the environment? The truth is, kids can learn anything if you adjust it for them. Kids are naturally curious and love to experience new things. 

Last month, we were invited by our friends at the New Jersey Rise Summer Academic Enrichment Program, a six-week summer day camp in East Windsor to talk to 5- to 7-year old children about clean air and the environment. Using different toys, games, and activities, we showed the children how important good air quality is for our communities. Everyone can do their part by walking, biking, or taking the bus and train instead of driving a car whenever possible.  

Since August 2 is National Coloring Book Day, we’re sharing these free printable coloring pages for kids and kids-at-heart! To download pages click here. 

Want a community that prioritizes health and sustainability? Start ‘em young! The summer is rich with opportunities and events for families, parents, and children to spend time walking and biking outdoors. The weather is nice enough to consider taking trips on the bus or train! We’ve compiled some of our favorite resources for you and your family: 

With the start of the school year just around the corner, it’s a great opportunity to help your children start greener, healthier transportation choices. We’ve developed the Walking School Bus app to help parents start a School Pool for their children to make friends and get to school safely!  

To find out more about Safe Routes to School and our programs in Mercer and Ocean County, email Lisa Serieyssol at 

Stay safe and happy travels! 

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