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In the following weeks we will be running a series of GMTMA staff profiles interspersed with other topics. We will be talking about what we do, and what it is that GMTMA is trying to achieve.  We are excited to introduce you to the people behind all the work!

GMTMA’s goal is to promote/provide transportation choices that are designed to reduce congestion, improve mobility, increase safety, and further sustainability in the Greater Mercer TMA service area. We offer programs and services like RideProvide that helps members maintain their independence by providing a safe, reliable transportation option, NJ Smart Workplaces, Safe Routes to School, Carpool and Vanpool matching, Bike Safety, and so much more. You can see all them on our website

Every one of our staff is different and they commute differently.  Some of us bike to work daily, some take the bus daily, some do half-bike commutes (driving to work, biking home and next day, bike to work , drive back home), some walk and some drive because they live too far and none of these options are realistic. Why are they unrealistic?  Because some streets are still not safe enough or public transit not always available where we live.

This is part of what we do here at GMTMA – working to raise awareness, improve mobility and bringing changes that are also good for us and for the environment.  In this blog we offer tips and ideas that hopefully will help improve your commute and answer some of your commuting questions. We are looking for topics that are of interest to us as commuters and create a greener environment, and we love it if we can save you from a commuting headache or two!

 We do encourage everyone to ditch the car every now and then.  You’ll see how many stories you get to tell your friends and family while commuting that way – just ask some of our staff!

Join us next week to meet our first staff member!

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