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As we’ve been saying for a few weeks, May is Bike Month. May is also Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s no surprise that biking and mental health are connected.  Exercise can help increase your levels of dopamine which in turn improves your mood and well-being. But that is not all. Cycling can help decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Of course we’re not thinking about all of that when we ride, we just know we’re having fun and feeling good! Nowadays balancing work, kids and self-care may be a little challenging and working from home is stressful for many. Being able to get the whole family outdoors and do some family friendly exercise, like cycling, can be just the thing you need. Cycling can decrease stress levels and also helps children with physical and emotional wellness. The whole family can get a mental health boost! 

There are many studies highlighting the positive effects of cycling on neuroplasticity, memory, sleep, and more. For some people struggling with mental health issues, biking served as an important part of improving their mental health.  Here are a few of their stories: 

    1. Depression and anxiety
    2. Depression and suicidal ideation
    3. Panic disorder
    4. Depression and substance use
    5. Helping self and others with mental illness through group cycling
    6. Teenager fighting OCD
    7. OCD and Schizophrenia
    8. Biking benefits for children and for the whole family

And while you are out, don’t forget to share some photos with us, every photo and story counts toward a donation to a local foodbank. Find us on social media and post with hashtag #YouBikeWeGive, #bikemonth or submit your stories and photos at  

Stay safe and enjoy the ride!


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