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The Borough of Hightstown has launched a Street Smart program.  Street Smart NJ is a statewide public education, awareness and behavioral change campaign to address pedestrian safety. The campaign aims to raise awareness of motorist and pedestrian laws and change the behaviors that lead to pedestrian and cyclist crashes and fatalities.  With the assistance of the Greater Mercer TMA, we are working to spread the campaign to residents of Hightstown and those who visit our community.  The statewide Street Smart NJ campaign is managed by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA).  May is also National Bike Month, so we are using this opportunity to promote bicycle safety issues as well. 

During the month of May we will display educational signs throughout the Borough, including our parks, that will serve as reminders of pedestrian, bike and driving safety tips.  These include being aware of pedestrians, stopping for those crossing the street, sharing the road with bicyclists, putting down cell phones while driving and obeying speed limits in our community.  We are launching the Hightstown Street Smart Survey, available on the Borough website, where residents can test their knowledge of existing laws.  There will be a drawing for a $100 gift card for those who complete the survey. 

In addition, Mayor Lawrence Quattrone has issued a proclamation naming May 2021 Pedestrian and Bike Safety Month in Hightstown, in hopes that this further raises awareness of important safety issues in the Borough and encourages all residents and visitors to be Street Smart. 

 If you live in Hightstown, you can take the survey here.

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