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As the school year winds down, whether children get to school on two feet, two wheels or four, the GMTMA Safe Routes to School Coordinators are there to greet them and share helpful safety tips in a fun way. It was a busy spring-below are some of the events we took part in.

On May 15, we were at the Point Pleasant Borough Bike Rodeo working with the Police Department and other organizations to hold a bicycle rodeo at Nellie Bennett Elementary School. Children were able to practice their biking safety skills on a course designed to mimic real road conditions. Children were also able to learn biking safety, had their bikes checked and tuned up, and their helmets checked for proper fit.

We then had the pleasure to meet the Yardville Heights Elementary School Principal and one of this year’s bookmark contest winners, Joshua Barrett. Joshua received praise from his school for his bookmark design and the important safety message. The school’s Principal affirmed his commitment to safety and asked to distribute a bookmark to every student in the school.

Our next stop was at Princeton High School (PHS) where GMTMA presented bike safety to three ESL classes.  We also participated in PHS’s Latin festival where we provided biking and walking safety information to high school students and their families. The event lasted for a few hours and students were able to stop by the GMTMA table and have their safety questions answered. Students had a chance to win one of the two bicycles provided by the event organizers.

We were also at Riverside Elementary School to meet students who walked to school for the school’s Walk to School Day event. Students were able to participate in a safety quiz and receive small prizes. The Safety Quiz Wheel was a great success and students were able to start their school day energized and ready to learn.

On Monday, June 13th, we had a safety presentation marathon at Ella G. Clarke Elementary in Lakewood, NJ. The Safe Routes to School Coordinators gave 14 safety presentations to 3rd and 4th grade students. We would like to thank the Lakewood Police Department for their assistance during presentations. Each Safe Routes to School coordinator had two police officers assisting during presentations.

Lakewood Township is also collaborating with GMTMA on a Speed Study. GMTMA is currently recording speeding data from the Speed Sentry installed on Manetta Avenue near Ella G. Clarke Elementary and will prepare a report this summer with the findings of the speed study.

If you are interested in organizing a walk or bike event or a safety presentation, contact us. GMTMA is available to work with schools and towns on a variety of SRTS programs including walk audits, infrastructure assistance, and school travel plans.

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