In Bicycling

That is the headline these days and it is something not seen in decades. Some call it a golden age for biking. As more and more people look to biking for transportation, exercise, and a way to spend time outdoors with the family, the number of people biking has increased substantially.  So much so that we are experiencing a shortage of bicycles and an increase in waiting times at bike repair shops. Cities around the world are capitalizing on the new trend and have started investing in cycling infrastructure.   

Photo: Anna, You Bike, We Give Bike Month Challenge

Since more people are biking and walking, the need for space and social distancing is becoming more obvious. The UK announced a $2.5 billion package to put cycling and walking at the heart of their transportation plan. France is planning to spend over $20 million to expand cycling infrastructure. Milan and Brussels are redesigning streets to make room for more bike lanes. Many other cities have announced streets closures to make room for social distancing allowing more people to walk and bike safely.  While some cities announced the closures are temporary, others have decided to make closures permanent. Whether temporary or permanent, street closures are allowing some restaurants to expand their outdoor dining areas and helping them to stay in business.  Even parking lots are being transformed into outdoor dining areas. How long will this boom last and how will it change our streets and cities remains to be seen. In the meantime, we can all enjoy growing popularity of biking, but please remember to follow safety rules and social distancing.  

Stay safe and enjoy the ride!  

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