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Getting outside is a great way to keep the family physically and mentally healthy. With so many facilities being closed this summer, going for a hike or a bike ride is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Here are a few safety tips to remember while outside walking and biking: 


  • Whether walking or biking remember to practice social distancing, keep 6 feet apart from other bikers and walkers. If 6 feet apart is not possible, wear a face mask


  • Use sidewalks and paths whenever available. If walking in the road, walk facing traffic and wear bright clothing 
  • Be alert, don’t walk distracted, keep your eyes on the road
  • Cross the street at crosswalks and intersections when possible 
  • When walking on trails, make sure you can hear what is happening around you and you are able to move when cyclists come towards you  
  • Wear long pants or tick repellent when going for a hike  
  • Don’t gather in large groups 


  • Wear a helmet  
  • Wear bright clothing 
  • Check your brakes 
  • Install front and rear lights 
  • Ride with traffic  
  • When cycling on trails notify walkers before you pass them  
  • Beware of ticks 
  • Don’t gather in large groups 


  • Slow down! 
  • Look for pedestrians at crosswalks 
  • Do not pass cars stopped at crosswalks, they may be waiting for someone to cross the street 
  • Give cyclists some space, give a minimum of 3 feet passing distance  
  • Stay focused, don’t drive distracted  
  • Don’t drive under the influence  

And here is an additional resource to keep the children safe this summer: 

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