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A post today over at Streetsblog points to some  interesting trends showing that the percentage of people over age 65 who still have driver’s licenses is much higher today than it was 30 years ago, but it’s the reverse at the other end of the age spectrum — today, there’s a much bigger percentage of younger people who don’t have a driver’s license. As we’ve noted before, younger generations are choosing to drive less, instead preferring transit, urban lifestyles, and using social media to participate in carpool and car share programs.

The article points to a number of trends that explain this driving behavior, including a growing preference for urban living, young people getting driver’s licenses later, and the desire to stay out of traffic and sprawl.

The preference to go car-free in cities has been on the rise since long before the recession or $4.00 gas prices. Better public transit and new car-sharing services like Zipcar help make this a viable preference. Are you interested in driving less? Greater Mercer TMA can help. Check out our information and programs that can help you find a vanpool or carpool, ride your bike more, encourage your kids to walk and bike to school, help your employer start up a telecommute policy, ride the bus or train, and get around easier if you’re a senior.

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