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Cool Car 99

GMTMA is very excited to be participating in the first ever Toyota MPG Challenge for the month of June. For the Challenge, Toyota provided us with a new Toyota Plug-in Prius “Cool Car 99” for our RideProvide senior transportation service.

Our drivers will be competing against six other deserving nonprofits in the NY, NJ, CT area for a $2,500 cash contribution and bragging rights that go to the nonprofit which can get the best overall gas mileage. And these cars can get great gas mileage! On gasoline alone, the Plug-in Prius can get an EPA estimated 50 MPG (miles per gallon), and with electricity and gasoline combined an estimated 95 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent).

This Challenge is a great opportunity for RideProvide to use a very fuel efficient vehicle for transporting seniors and the visually impaired where they need to go and for GMTMA to promote the use of alternative fuel vehicles. We hope to show that anyone, no matter how many or few miles they drive, can use hybrid electric or other alternate fuel vehicles right now in New Jersey. The vehicles not only help the driver by saving money on fuel, they also help decrease air pollution and decrease the individual’s carbon footprint.

So be on the lookout for “Cool Car 99” driving around Mercer County! If you see it, snap a picture and let us know!

If you have any questions about “Cool Car 99” and the Toyota MPG Challenge, please contact Aly Dyson at


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