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February was American Heart Month, and to celebrate, we followed the adventures of the Tater Family as they journeyed from car potato to active spud by exploring safe and fun ways to partake in more active transportation.


Sitting – on the couch or in your car – leads to all kinds of negative health effects: high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and more. Will you get off your spud and join the Tater Family on their  journey from car potato to active spud?


The Tater Family has always been car potatoes. Can you join them as they make the change to active transportation? Activate your commute and your life – your heart and the planet will thank you!


Greater Mercer TMA can help you get off your spud so your commute or trip to school is not just the same old potatoes. Contact us today!


Sitting on your spud = resting heart rate and zero calories burned. Active transportation = target heart rate and lots of calories burned. And no reason to feel guilty about skipping the gym!


Be safe. Be Seen. Mrs. Tater wears bright colors, reflectors, and/or lights when walking or biking.


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Small Fry teaches kids how to bike to school safely. It only takes one parent or teacher to get a Safe Routes to School Program going. GMTMA can help! 


The Tater family “chillin” after a long bike ride.  Active transportation can help you avoid being one of the 715,000 Americans that have a heart attack each year.


Mr. Tater tried to text while riding his bike. Never tweet and drive a car or ride a bike. Safety first, Mr. Tater!


Greater Mercer TMA. We can help get off your spud and make a change so your commute or trip to school is not just the same old potatoes. #carpotato

Want to try an “active commute”? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Stay Safe. Obey all traffic laws. Wear reflective gear and/or lights if it’s dark. Walkers should use sidewalks and cross in crosswalks. Cyclists should bike in the same direction as traffic, obey all traffic signals, and wear a helmet.
  • Talk to Your Employer. Ask where to store your bike, see if there are any nearby shower facilities to use, and find out if any incentives are offered for transit riders and/or active commuters.
  • Plan Ahead. Map out your route in advance so you know exactly where to go and how long it will take.
  • Find a Buddy. “Carpool” with another bicyclist or walker if you can.
  • Ease Into It. Start by trying just one day a week (try it on “casual Friday” or some other day when you don’t have a lot of meetings).
  • Walk/Bike Part of the Way. If you live far from work, try bicycling to the nearest transit station or drive part of the way and bike the rest.
  • Ask GMTMA. For more tips and information on active commuting, please visit our website.
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