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We all know Ocean County has a number of shore towns that are primed to be your beach destination this summer. GMTMA is lucky to be the TMA for Ocean County. We’re pleased to highlight one shore community, Long Beach Township, for their commitment to keeping it green and going the extra mile by making their beaches accessible to all.

What makes LBI green? Long Beach Township in partnership with neighboring communities and business sponsors provides a bus service for visitors and residents that traverses the 18 mile stretch along Long Beach Blvd. The bus service with a fleet of seven vehicles runs every day during the summer from 10 AM – 10 PM on weekdays and Sunday; And, until 2:30 AM on Saturday for you party animals. While rides will no longer be free this year, a daily pass for unlimited rides until 10:00pm is just $5.00 and a one way ticket is $2.00

Find your ride by downloading their app on Park the car and forget about it, until you NEED to leave the island, but then again you may never want to leave.

The beach is a great place to hang out and enjoy the warm weather. But, for some people it’s difficult to access the beach due to mobility challenges. Long Beach Township wants everyone to enjoy their beautiful beaches and has a small fleet of ATV “Gators” to carry beach patrons needing assistance over the dunes. To schedule a pick-up (from street-side or beach) contact the Transportation Department at (609) 342-2111.  Once on the beach, they have Beachwheels. Surf Chairs made of lightweight PVC tubing and oversized wheels that are capable of handling difficult terrain such as the beach. If you or another person, staying at a LBI Twp. address could use a Surf Chair you’ll need to contact the Township Beach Patrol at (609) 361-1200 and make a reservation. Beachwheels are popular and there are a limited number of them, make your reservation as soon as possible.

Come on down to LBI – dig your toes in the sand and relax. I’m lounging in the third beach chair on your left.

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