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Today we are kicking off our #GivingTuesday challenge to raise money for the RideProvide Transportation program.  In the following days we will share some of the faces and testimonials of people who inspire us to keep the program growing. We hope you will join us and be inspired to give generously.

Why would you support this program?

Here is a glimpse of what the program is and does to make lives better. Greater Mercer RideProvide is a community-based nonprofit service for senior citizens and visually impaired adults of any age in Mercer County, New Jersey. With direct door-to-door rides in private cars, RideProvide offers its members an alternative mode of transportation that provides ease, mobility, safety, and comfort.

Greater Mercer RideProvide allows our ever growing population of senior adults and the visually impaired – who would otherwise be struggling with the limitations of not being able to drive – an alternative mode of transportation. Other transportation services are available throughout the County, but are restricted in their hours, destinations or purposes, and they do not provide the personal care or door-to-door service offered to RideProvide members.  Greater Mercer RideProvide never restricts the destination, trip purpose, or frequency of its members’ rides within our service area.

Half of all non-driving seniors stay home on any given day because they have no public transit options. Non-driving seniors make fewer trips to the doctor, fewer visits to friends and family, and fewer trips to stores and restaurants. Seniors who stop driving show more symptoms of depression and are less active outside the home. We all need to have the ability to stay connected to our communities, healthcare, shopping and social opportunities.

For many seniors in Mercer County, Plainsboro, and southern Montgomery, RideProvide is the only option for transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and other activities.  The numbers of seniors and adults with visual impairments looking to register for our services are increasing from year to year to the point where we routinely maintain a waiting list.  To help get these people off the waiting list and into a RideProvide car we need to hire more drivers and buy more cars.

And that is why, this Giving Tuesday we hope you will join millions of people around the world in a day of giving to a good cause. Make RideProvide your cause and help us raise $5,000 this Giving Tuesday.

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