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Welcome to the episode page for the season one finale of our podcast, Mobility Minute. We’re looking back on the highlights of our successful 15-episode run. This is where you can find all the links and resources you heard about on our podcast.


Episode 1: What

 is Greater Mercer TMA?


Episode 2: Who Makes Transportation Planning Decisions? with Jeff Perlman


Episode 3: Why Does Traffic Congestion Happen?


Episode 4: How Do We Start Driving Less?


Episode 5: Who’s In Charge of Clean Air? with Sean Greene

  • Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC)
  • Air Quality
  • Planning Assistance


Episode 6: What makes a Walkable and Bikeable Neighborhood?


Episode 7: How do we start making our streets safer for all people? with Leigh Ann Von Hagen

To contact the NJ Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center:

Telephone: (848) 932-2899
Fax number: (732) 932-3714

Or reach them on Twitter @njbikeped!

To contact the Safe Routes Resource Center:

Telephone: (848) 932-7901
Fax number: (732) 932-3714


Episode 8: How Is New Jersey Getting Ready for Electric Vehicles?

Find the episode article page at this link.


Episode 9: What are Some Challenges and Benefits of Electric Vehicle Adoption? with Sean Greene


Episode 10: What is TDM?


Episode 11: How do we apply traffic demand management (TDM) in our neighborhoods? with Justin Schor


Episode 12: How do we make public transit more equitable? with Jerome Horne


Episode 13: How do we advocate for a more bikeable and walkable region? with Sonia Szczesna

  • Sonia Szesna
  • Tri-State Transportation
  • Trenton Cycle
  • WWBA
  • Circuit Trails
  • Vision Zero


Episode 14: What is a 15-Minute City?



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