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October is recognized as Pedestrian Safety Month, highlighting the need for increased attention to pedestrian safety as pedestrian fatalities and injuries continue to be a significant issue across the country. In this blog, we will spotlight infrastructure with traffic-calming solutions that prioritize the safety of all road users. Traffic calming solutions are practical measures that can promote pedestrian safety by reducing vehicle speeds and creating a safer environment for pedestrians. Here are a few examples of traffic-calming solutions:


  1. Speed Humps: Speed Humps are raised road sections that help drivers reduce their speed and increase their awareness of pedestrians.

  1. Chicanes: Chicanes are designed to create a zigzag pattern in the road, narrowing the travel lanes and causing drivers to slow down.

  1. Roundabouts: Roundabouts reduce vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian safety by creating a circular traffic flow. They encourage drivers to slow down and yield to pedestrians at designated crosswalks.

  1. Raised Intersections: Raised intersections are elevated road sections, forcing drivers to slow down as they approach and creating a more visible crossing point.

  1. Sidewalk Widening: Widening sidewalks provide more space for pedestrians, making it safer and more comfortable for them to walk. It also enhances visibility and encourages drivers to be more cautious around pedestrian areas.

  1. Pedestrian Islands: Pedestrian islands are raised or elevated platforms in the middle of the road, providing a safe refuge for pedestrians crossing larger or busier streets. They allow pedestrians to cross one direction of traffic at a time, reducing the risk of a crash.

  1. Road Narrowing: Narrowing the road width can help reduce vehicle speeds and create a more pedestrian-friendlier environment. It can be achieved by narrowing travel lanes, adding bike lanes, or creating buffer zones between vehicles and pedestrians.

These are just a few examples of traffic-calming solutions that can promote pedestrian safety. Each solution should be implemented based on the specific needs and characteristics of the location. A comprehensive approach that combines multiple traffic calming measures can significantly improve pedestrian safety and create more pedestrian-friendly streets within our communities. Stay safe and watch out for one another.




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