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NJ Transit SUPER PASSWhile Super Bowl fever can cause some folks to see red, we’re hoping it will encourage travelers to Go Green for the event-filled week preceding The Big Game. For a limited time, NJ Transit is offering a commemorative Super Bowl Week SUPER PASS, valid from January 27th through February 3rd for unlimited travel on all NJ Transit rail, bus, light rail and Access Link services throughout New Jersey, including travel to and from Newark Liberty International Airport and New York City.

At a cost of just $50.00, the SUPER PASS is a great opportunity for public transportation newbies, now-and-theners and wannabees to Give Transit A Try. Who knows? You might be (pleasantly!) surprised to learn how cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and downright fun riding the rails or buses can be.

So go ahead. Order your SUPER PASS today (the commemorative version, which includes a matching lanyard, is only available to purchase online through Monday, January 20th and will be mailed to you in advance). Grab that novel you’ve been hoping to read; that letter you’ve been wanting to compose; that project you’ve been needing to finish; that crocheting you’ve been trying to take up – or anything else you’ve been saving for your “spare time” – and settle in for a great ride.

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