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It’s getting colder, darker and a bit grayer, and it’s not even winter yet. As the weather turns colder, it can be tempting to stay indoors and hibernate. While we may feel like bears at the moment, not all is lost. Staying active will release endorphins (a chemical released by your brain) that make us feel better. Studies have shown that physical activity outdoors lowers a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. This week we would like to share our best advice for staying healthy and active during the winter season.

Dressing in layers is a great way to stay comfortable when you’re outside in the cold. Making sure you wear the layers in the right order can mean the difference between staying warm and comfortable, or cold and miserable.

  1. The layer closest to your skin should be a moisture-wicking material, like lightweight polyester or polypropylene.
  2. The second layer is the insulating layer, wool or polyester fleece are best.
  3. The final layer is the outer layer and should be labeled as wind and rain-repellent. The final layer should only be worn when it is raining, snowing, or very windy to avoid trapping in sweat.

Also, consider wearing winter hats that also help wick away sweat to help retain warmth. Gloves and glove liners are also a necessary accessory. In addition to staying warm be sure to stay safe by being visible. You can wear light-weight reflective vests to help motorists and other hikers/cyclists to see you. Check out the best hiking spots in New Jersey here.

Winter in New Jersey offers fun for all ages. Whether you’re looking for family fun activities or you are a kid at heart yourself, these fun outdoor winter activities make you forget it’s cold because you’ll be too busy having fun!

  1. New jersey is charming and beautiful. Slow down by biking, walking, or running to see the magnificent details you miss when you drive in a vehicle. There are not many limitations to this activity. You can stay close to home or explore the many natural landscapes in New Jersey.
  2. Go to a snow resort. Skiing isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of New Jersey. But we have 3 places to enjoy great winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snowtubing. Check out, Mountain Creek, Campgaw Mountain, and Big Snow American Dream (which is the only indoor snow resort in America).
  3. Ice skating is a timeless winter activity, but there is something extra magical about ice skating outdoors. Check out these outdoor ice-skating rinks in New Jersey Although, there are a lot of skating rinks to choose from a favorite Is Palmer Square’s “eco-friendly” synthetic skating rink right here in Princeton, New Jersey.
  4. Take an educational wolf watch tour at the Lakota Wolf Preserve to give yourself a chance to see and hear wolves and other woodland creatures in their natural habitat.
  5. For anyone interested in famous writers from New Jersey the New Jersey Author Adventures Trail might spark your interest.
  6. Go ice fishing! This sport will help you get some fresh air, and create lasting memories with friends and family. Learn more about this
  7. Try a snowshoe adventure! Check out all the different trails to try snowshoeing in New Jersey.
  8. When we think about winter outdoor activities we often think sledding. Check out these amazing spots for sledding right here in Mercer County!
  9. If you have a sweet tooth for natural sweetness you won’t want to miss out on a maple sugaring adventure. Check out these maple sugaring events (NOTE: These are great locations but the dates are not current).

Continue to enjoy the Fall and remember that winter isn’t all gloom and doom. There are a lot of activities you can do to help lift your spirits, be social, creative, and active during the cold months of the year!











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