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If car keys are the first thing that you reach for when you leave your house, your recent trips to the gas station may have been quite shocking. As gas prices keep increasing more people are looking for alternatives to getting where they need to go.

Transportation options include finding necessities (food, family, work, etc.) closer to home so you do not have to drive as far or biking around town to do errands. Biking is a great option because 40% of trips made in the US are less than 2 miles. This distance is realistic for biking or a half mile or less is a nice walk. You can get your errands done and a great workout in the fresh air all at the same time. You won’t even need to make the extra stop at the gas station because your car is at home.

Other options include trying a carpool or vanpool, even if it is one day a week. GMTMA has a list of people looking for carpool and vanpool partners in our area. Register here to see if there is anyone with a commute similar to yours looking to share a ride. You never know how much money you can save if you don’t try.

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