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We’re currently loving this very informative infographic, below (it’s complicated, but it’s definitely worth taking a minute to really digest and understand it) that explains how much a 19-mile commute in mixed-high traffic (a pretty normal commute for your average New Jerseyan) really costs, in dollar amounts per year (and never mind the externalities created by the resource consumption and air/water pollution caused by automobile use).

For an 80-minute round-trip commute at 50 cents per mile, it costs $19 per day. That doesn’t seem like much, but multiplied over a span of ten years in a dual-commuting household, that figure balloons to a staggering $125,000. That’s $125,000 lost for the privilege of spending your precious time sitting in traffic.

This is of particular relevance to New Jersey drivers, whose commute is longer than most. Based on a ranking of states with the longest average commute-to-work times, the American Community Survey showed that New York (30.4 minutes) and Maryland (30.2 minutes) residents spent the most time traveling to their jobs. New Jersey (28.5 minutes), Illinois (27.0 minutes) and California (26.5 minutes) round out the list of top 5 states with the longest commutes.

Interested in seeing how much your commute costs you in dollars? Check out this online calculator. And then check GMTMA’s website to start thinking about ways you, your company, and your town can work to drive less, reduce congestion, improve your air quality, and hopefully fatten your wallet a little.

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