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In last week’s blog post I talked about how my husband and I have been a one car family for the last six years and how we schedule and maintain a shared calendar to make it work.  But that even with coordination, sometimes we need a second car. That is when I mentioned using Zipcar.

The founder of the car sharing company Zipcar (car sharing is something we like to encourage here at GMTMA), Robin Chase, is a woman. Since March is Women’s History Month, this is a great time to mention women in transportation and share with you a TED Talk. In this talk, Robin Chase talks about how she came to the Zipcar idea and why car sharing is so important to her.

Robin Chase recently sold her share in Zipcar, moved to France with her husband and child, and started another car  sharing company – Buzzcar. The Buzzcar model takes the idea of car sharing to a whole new level; it allows people to rent their own car to friends and neighbors. Ms. Chase called that new business model “investing in a community”.

This is a very engaging talk and Robin Chase is an inspiring woman. Let us know what you think.

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