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Halloween is meant to be eerie and fun, but safety should always be a priority to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Parties are fun, but unfortunately, this could increase the likelihood of people driving under the influence. Statistically, more pedestrian collisions with cars happen on and around Halloween.


If you are hosting a Halloween party, take responsibility by keeping your guests safe and help reduce the statistics. Remember to serve plenty of food and water and provide non-alcoholic beverage options. Halloween mocktails are fun for everyone; check out these recipes here! You can also collect car keys from anyone drinking above the legal limit. Be prepared to call a ride service for your guests. Remember that social host liability laws may even hold you responsible for underage drinking and legally accountable for your guests’ behavior after they leave.

We at Greater Mercer TMA want to take this opportunity to refresh safety guidelines for both drivers and pedestrians to ensure your safety this Halloween. Check out our spooky safety tips:


Safety Tips for Drivers

  • Be alert for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Please slow down and continue to scan the road in areas where they are likely to be or where sight distances are limited.
  • On Halloween, there will likely be more pedestrians on the roads and in places where they are not expected. Slower speeds save lives.
  • Stay alert for pedestrians who may come out from between parked cars or behind shrubbery. Stop and wait for them to pass.
  • Don’t drive distracted. Your attention needs to always be on the road.
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact law enforcement.


Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  • Walk on a sidewalk if one is available and use crosswalks. If there are no sidewalks, keep to the left and walk facing traffic. Try to limit the number of street crossings.
  • Before the Halloween festivities, create a “buddy system” to get each other home safely and prevent walking alone.
  • Be sure to be seen and improve visibility with glowsticks, flashlights, reflective tape, or stickers, or put reflective tape on the trick-or-treat bag.
  • Please ensure the costumes don’t make it challenging for children to walk, and try to avoid face masks to make it easier to see; alternatively, try using face paint.
  • Always keep your head up, be alert and focused.


Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!






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