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September is Healthy Aging Month and the National Institute on Aging is urging everyone to Get Motivated! Get Moving! Go4Life!  The campaign includes a website with resources for anyone interested in organizing a program, starting an exercise routine, or simply helping to spread the word.

Exercise is good for the mind and the body and can help people stay active and mobile as they age.  There are many ways to stay active and experts say that the key to adhering to an exercise routine is finding something that people enjoy doing.

Some ideas include:

  • Starting a walking club, socialize and exercise
  • Attending a class at your local library
  • Riding a bike is fun at any age
  • Swimming or Aqua classes are great especially for people who suffer from arthritis and joint pain

Other ways to help yourself or the seniors in your life:

  • Encourage everyone to keep walking. Maintaining mobility is a lot easier than regaining mobility.
  • Learn how to use public transportation. Using public transportation keeps you active and social. Contact GMTMA to learn about our travel training classes.
  • Promote Complete Streets in your town so that safe walking is possible
  • Have a positive attitude!

More ideas for finding the right type of exercise can be found here. Safety tips when exercising can be found here.


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