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Greening Your Fleet
It’s possible for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the environment every time their employees drive. Hybrid and electric vehicles, natural gas or biodiesel fuels are some of the options available for a businesses’ “Green Fleet.” From finding affordable and efficient vehicle options, to researching “green” vehicle choices, to educating employees on fuel-conserving driving techniques, GMTMA can help your business get on the right road. The less fuel you use, the bigger your savings, and the greener you will be! For more information contact Aly Dyson at

Become a Savvy Cyclist

Intermediate_BicyclistWant to bike to work but don’t know where to start? Nervous about riding your bike in traffic? What happens if your bike breaks down mid-ride? If any of these questions sound familiar to you, GMTMA can help. GMTMA has a League of American Bicyclists Certified Cycling Instructor on staff, and we are offering “Bike Safety 101 Lunch & Learn” sessions at businesses around our region. Depending on time constraints, courses could cover topics such as:

  • ABC Quick Check: Simple bike maintenance
  • Helmets: Should I wear? How to fit
  • Hand Signals: Common signals everyone should know
  • Be Safe – Be Seen: Lights & reflectives
  • What to Bring: Clothing, equipment & nutrition
  • Lane Positioning: Navigating traffic safely
  • Office Etiquette: Changing, storing bike & clothes
  • Emergency Ride Home: What to do if bike breaks down
  • Routing Assistance: What’s the best route for me?

Want to learn more? Contact us today!

It’s Bike Month…There’s Still Time to Sign Up!

National Bike Month is finally here – join in on the fun!

  • And there’s more! Click here to view all of our Bike Month activities.

For registration and general info on all these events and assistance with any bike-related activities, please visit GMTMA’s website at or contact Rebecca Hersh at

Helping Girl Scouts Clear the Air

Greater Mercer TMA recently assisted a troop of 6th grade Girl Scouts in West Windsor with their “Project Breathe” journey. Project Breathe is a project designed to educate the scouts about all aspects of air; GMTMA participated by explaining to them how their transportation choices, purchasing habits, and other every day activities can effect air quality.

The scouts learned about how taking the bus, carpooling, biking or walking to school and other activities, instead of having a parent drive them alone, can be great for air quality. They learned about the air quality impacts of things like electricity use, trash and recycling, and consumer products.

The girls really enjoyed an experiment where they add “air pollution” food coloring to their “air-shed” cup of water to show how daily activities can create air pollution. For example, while most of the girls rode the bus to school, one was picked up from school in a car. They learned that this one car trip created more air pollution than the bus trips, so that girl added more “pollution” to her cup. The simple and fun experiment helped them understand that seemingly small actions like getting a ride instead of taking the bus can create more air pollution in their town. They also learned about the air quality impacts of vehicle idling, and we are sure that these girls will be nagging their parents to turn off their car engines from now on!

Greater Mercer TMA is available to make similar presentations to other scout troops, classrooms, camps, and after school programs in order to educate children about air pollution and transportation issues and how each person, no matter how young, can make a difference.  For more information contact Aly Dyson at

The Colors Are Back for Ozone Season

You’re going to start seeing colors again when you watch and listen to the news and weather. The colors don’t represent the flowers that are in bloom (though they are very pretty); the colors represent the air quality for the day. Ozone season in our area runs from May through September because there is a greater chance for high ozone and high air pollution levels during this time.

The colors help you decide if you should take a long run after work, call your neighbor and try to carpool the following day,  take public transportation, or decrease the kids’ workout at soccer practice.

AQI Chart_20

Most days are going to be code green or yellow, but when there are code orange or red days, everyone needs to do their part by taking action to decrease air pollution. Things that everyone can do include:

  • Drive less – use public transportation, carpool, put off a trip until the next day.
  • If you have to drive:  No Idling! And make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Telecommute – even one day a week helps decrease air pollution.
  • Trip chain – do all your errands in one trip, don’t keep going out over and over.
  • Most importantly, always know the Code! Sign up for air quality alerts emailed right to you at

For more information go to:

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