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Last month Greater Mercer TMA spoke with Ocean County teens from Rutgers T.E.E.M Gateway. They learned all about air pollution in New Jersey and how transportation is a major source of this pollution.

Aly Dyson, GMTMA’s environmental education instructor, conducted experiments showing how each person’s daily life adds to air pollution and how individual choices can make a difference. The teens also  learned what an air quality action day is and how weather, specifically temperature inversions, can lead to the bad air quality days that have made New Jersey a nonattainment area for ozone, particulates and other pollutants.

Some of the comments the teens had about the program are:

“I like how you explained things through cool experiments. … The world may be a very polluted place, but if we all work together we can make a difference.” 

“The experiments you did with us were very informative too. The experiment …. to compare the different types of pollution showed me that I alone do have quite an impact on the environment, which I should take steps to reduce!”

The interactive lesson was both educational and fun for everyone involved!  If you would like Greater Mercer TMA to host a program at your school, club or event please contact Aly Dyson at

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