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This week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.  It was a virtual celebration and the Earth was very happy for that. Since we have been social distancing and going out only for essential travel, pollution in the air has dropped dramatically,just check out these before and after.  And that is just after a few weeks!!!!!!! 

But what else can we do to keep the momentum going? Whenever you need to go out, go by bike or walk if you can. And when you do go walking and biking, make it even more sustainable by Pliking or Plogging. 

Why do we keep talking about biking and clean air? Well, it has to do with emissions and this article does a good job explaining it.  

What other things that help the environment?  Some other ideas to also help involve the children and engage the whole family included in this video: 

Stay healthy friends!  


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