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As we mentioned last week, October is International Walk and Bike to School month. Walk and Bike to School Month gives children, parents, teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global event as they celebrate the many benefits of walking and bicycling. Lots of schools are doing walking and/or educational events all over the state of New Jersey. Is your school registered yet? If not, register it here so New Jersey can get as many events on its list as possible! If you have an event but don’t want to register it yourself, don’t worry — GMTMA can register it for you, just contact us.

And if you don’t have an event planned yet, it’s NOT too late. You have until the end of the month. GMTMA can help. We can come do an educational presentation on how to walk and bike safely. And if we feel like dancing, we might even teach you how to do the ped safety dance. Take a look at these kids from the Milton Avenue School, a primary school in Chatham, N.J., who gathered as a flash mob and performed the Ped Safety Dance in front of school one morning during the district’s Walk and Bike to School Week celebration in April 2012. Click here to view the video; it’ll make you want to get up and dance (and walk!), for sure.

Want to do a walking safety event this month? Contact GMTMA.


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