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The weather is gorgeous; sunny, warm – a great day to be outside and enjoy! One of the last things we think about on days like this is air pollution- but it is a predicted Air Quality Action Day tomorrow. It has been a while, so what exactly does this mean for us?

Due to weather patterns tomorrow, Ozone is expected to be at levels that are Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups or Code Orange. This means that people with lung disease, such as asthma, children and older adults and people who are active outdoors should limit prolonged outdoor exertion.

Air Quality Action Day TomorrowSo here is your CHALLENGE: Help everyone breath better on an Air Quality Action Day by Changing Your Commute!

  • If you usually drive alone- try to find a carpool partner, look into Transit (GMTMA can help with this), or even ask if you can telecommute.
  • If you usually take transit- great job! You are already helping the air, but what else can you do? Do you drive to the train station? How can you get there without driving tomorrow? Look into other options.
  • Even if you usually walk or bike to work, there are ways to decrease your air pollution. Do you often drive with someone for lunch? Plan a brown bag lunch day in the cafeteria or conference room. Or to be festive- create an Air Quality Action Day potluck so no one in the office needs to drive to lunch!

Let us know if you accept our challenge!

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There are many ways to decrease the air pollution you create- so take a few minutes today to think about how you can change your commute to decrease air pollution tomorrow. And you never know, if enough people change thier commute to lower air pollution, levels may not even reach Code Orange!

If you would like more ideas to decrease air pollution or need a little help changing your commute, contact Aly Dyson at

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