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Over the last few weeks, we all had to change our routines and learn to live with limitations. We are all required to practice social distancing to flatten the curve, and it looks like we are making an impact, so please don’t stop now. If you are starting to have cabin fever, your children are growing restless, or you just need a break from the news…let’s talk about how biking can help. These days gyms are closed, museums, malls, and restaurants are closed, and hanging out at the grocery store is probably not a good idea. However, spending more time outdoors is a great idea. Outdoor access is not restricted, the weather is beautiful, and there are plenty of places and outdoor spaces to enjoy in Mercer County. Either for some alone time or with your family, for a list, all trails and parks click here. And if you need and individualized plan based on where you live and comfort level, please let us know. We are working virtually, but we are here to help. 

Here’s how biking can help: 

    • Replace your gym routine. While online classes are fun, it could be helpful to have a change of scenery. 
    • Exercising and being outdoors in nature can boost your mental health and we all need a boost these days. 
    • Give your spouse some alone time, the pandemic is already affecting relationships and couples are getting short-tempered.
    • Get the kids out and exercising their home-schooling energy.  
    • Biking is a great way to replace some of the “stress baking and cooking” and involves burning calories. 

And here are some guides: 

Biking with your children is a great way to bond and use some of that home-schooling energy. For a guide to cycling with your children, click here. 

Once the children are comfortable biking and they have safety equipment, consider a bike ride to school practice. Now is a good time to see if biking to school could be a good option when school reopens. Here are a few things to consider when biking to school.  

Bike shops are open for bike repairs, but if you need a quick fix, here is a great bike maintenance resource. 

And the list can go on and on, but we want to keep this short so you get out and bike.  

Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to practice social distancing!  

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