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It was a less than ideal week for biking but that didn’t stop many of you from biking to work. This year 147 people registered for the event. It was great to see all of the familiar ”faces” and we were excited so many others  decided to participate in the challenge for the first time this year. We hope everyone enjoyed it.  Together you have logged a total of 969.28 miles and a total of 136 days during the very rainy Bike to Work Week. So give yourselves a pat on the back—you did great despite the rain!

Many commuters bike to work year-round while some are fair weather commuters and we know you would bike to work regardless of whether you had prize incentives to do it. But isn’t it great to know that someone cares about something as regular as your commute?  We sure are happy to cheer you on  at least once a year and we are not alone in this. Look at all the sponsors who offered generous prizes  to show their support for biking and a sustainable commute: REI Princeton, Kopp’s Cyclery Princeton, Whole Earth Center, Wegmans, Zvelta, St. Lawrence Rehab and GMTMA.

Here are the 16 lucky Bike to Work Week 2018 Winners:

Anna L.               $20 Kopps gift card

Aaron M.             $20 Kopps gift card

Johannes K.        $20 Kopps gift card

Sharon H.            $20 Kopps gift card

Emma I.                $20 Kopps gift card

Michael L.            $50 Wegmans gift card

Morgan K.           Fly Camera         Most miles

Vanshaj B.           REI Kit and bicycle safety items Photo Contest

Vanshaj B. – Photo contest Winner

Mark F.                 $25 Whole Earth gift card

Donald P.             A set of Zvelta Safety Lights

Amanda S.          $20 Kopps gift card

Nancy B.              $20 Kopps gift card

Richard M.      Trenton Thunder tickets

Gabriella H.         $20 Kopps gift card

Lance P.               Fly 6 rear light and camera

Dan R.              REI kit containing an REI backpack, water bottle, and a toolkit box

Honorable mention photo contest:

Ursa K.

Stacey C.

The winner of the Employer challenge is the Princeton University Bike to Work Team.

Bike to Work Week Employer Challenge Winners: Nancy, Charlie, and Barry
(Amanda and Jon not pictured here)

And we would like to thank all who participated and who shared their thoughts about the event. We found them inspiring and think you will too!

What did I carry on my bike safely to/from/around work during the week? Ten pounds of sunflower seeds for planting, lunches, a six-pack of homebrew, camping canisters of propane, a flame weeder, and other assorted tools. My partner and I also went to the shore and biked sixteen miles while exploring and taking photographs. A great week! (Jim S.)

I love Bike to Work Week! It is the one week of the year that my no car lifestyle is normal. I biked 100 miles the week before to get primed for Bike to Work Week when I expected to hit my highest ever miles in one week. Unfortunately, the rain made reaching my goal difficult. Of course when it didn’t rain for the commute home I was extra disappointed because my bike what as home and I needed to catch a ride with a neighbor to get back home instead of riding.

I liked watching things start to sprout as I pass farms and see how high the water can get at Grover’s Mill and both places that I cross the Millstone River. In a car, you buzz by too fast, missing the detail of the view and the different songs of the frogs.

I sleep better at night and eat healthier because my body is happier. All around, I am a better person when I get outside and take my bike wherever I need to go.

Thank you for promoting biking! (Jessica D.)

Would have liked less rain, but on the upside I got to test my spring / fall rain gear before I ride the Trans – Am. (Anthony I.)

Riding in the rain wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. (Vincent S.)

I had a great time riding, even in the rain. It was a challenge to ride and not take the car. I rode the free B when I could. Shopped for food and made use of saddle bags, which worked out fine. I am continuing to ride to work whenever possible. (Michael L.)

See you next year for a hopefully sunnier Bike to Work Week!

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