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It is Week 2 of Bike Month and we are looking forward to seeing more photos, stories, and pledges for the You Bike.We Give event. The response has been great so far!  It’s wonderful to see how many people are out biking. Everywhere you look people are walking and biking. Even the little ones are out spinning in larger numbers than before. So, keep those wheels spinning and get the whole family on it. To keep you going, this week we have biking tips, movies, and trails for the whole family.  

First, let’s talk safety. We are still required to follow the new rules, social distancing, only ride solo or with your family, no large gatherings. Wear a mask or cloth covering over your face. See if you can go out when there are less people around or find a less crowded route. Wash your hand when you get home.  


If your children have not yet learned how to bike, don’t despair!  It’s easier to teach than you might expect.  The key is to begin without any pedals. Here’s a short video from the REI outdoor school to help you get started.   

When you are ready to get out of the neighborhood and try a park here are some family biking spots:  

Mercer County 

Community Park North 


Lawrence Hopewell Trail 

Mercer County Park  

Mercer Meadows 

Plainsboro Preserve 

Veterans Park 

West Windsor Community Park 


Ocean County 

Bass River State Forest 

Beaver Dam Park 

Cattus Island County Park 

Colliers Mills 

Island Beach State Park 

Riverwood Park 

Sawmill Bike Path    


Hold a bike themed family night!  Here are 5 biking movies to watch with togetherView the trailers first, to see if they’re good for your child. 

  1. Wajda
  2. Pee Wee’s Big Adventure 
  4. Bicycle 
  5. Moksha   

Don’t forget to pledge to ride at least once during May, send us a photo or a story of your ride or why you love to ride. For every pledge, photo and story we donate to a local food bank. To pledge go to . To submit a photo or story, go to 

If you have any biking questions, contact us, we are happy to help.  

Stay safe and enjoy the ride!  

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