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GMTMA Newsletter, April 2013

Mercer & Ocean In Motion…Getting You from Here to There

It’s Spring…Think Green!


GMTMA Spreads the Anti-Idling Message

At the recent “Living Local Expo” sponsored by Sustainable Lawrence in partnership with green teams from Lawrence, Ewing, Hopewell, and the Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability, GMTMA had the opportunity to talk with a broad audience about the wide range of issues associated with something that many attendees thought was harmless: idling your vehicle.

People were particularly surprised by the “rule of ten” – the fact that it only takes ten seconds of idling your vehicle to waste more money than turning the car off. Attendees — many of whom were using remote car starters, or were people who were looking for ways to save money on gas – were pleasantly surprised to learn that small tweaks in their habits can really affect their pocketbooks and the air we breathe.

Idling poses real air quality problems, and it is completely unnecessary. Cars simply don’t need to be idled; turning them off and turning them back on again won’t hurt them in any way. But in spite of this fact, people still idle all the time. If you see a vehicle (especially a diesel truck or bus) idling for more than three minutes you can call the Department of Environmental Protection Hotline (877- WARN DEP). You can also talk to your local green team, municipality or school district about posting “No Idling” signs and getting area residents to sign No Idling Pledges. Finally, you can always contact GMTMA for more anti-idling information or to get us to attend a meeting or event to discuss the issue.

Just remember the number ten when you’re sitting in your car waiting for somebody, or making a phone call. Turn the key to be idle free! For more information on the dangers of idling, click here.

Celebrate Earth Day the GMTMA Way

GMTMA is already signed up to do lunchtime green transportation fairs at a number of local businesses this month in celebration of Earth Day, and it’s not too late to get one in your office, too! Why not celebrate Earth Day the GMTMA way by having us host a green transportation fair at lunchtime? We have information about all sorts of greener transportation options that could work for your company and employees, and can customize the fairs to your office’s needs. It’s a great way to help employees learn about the wide variety of ways they can green their commute. To learn more, click here, or email us today!

Get On Your Bike in May!

PrintIt’s almost that time of year again: GMTMA will once again be celebrating National Bike Month all through the month of May.  National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. Whether you bike to work or school; to save money or time; to preserve your health or the environment; to explore your community or get to your destination, get involved in Greater Mercer TMA’s Bike Month activities.

  • Bike to Work Week: Bike to Work Week is May 13-17. Sign up today, get a free t-shirt (for the first 150 registrants), bike to work and enter to win great prizes!
  • Get On Your Bike. Don’t bike to work, but still want to celebrate Bike Month? No problem. Replace as many car trips as possible with bike trips. Register here today!
  • GMTMA’s Employer Bike Challenge. This friendly competition is among businesses in GMTMA’s region to see which employer can get the most employees to bike to work during Bike to Work Week. Email GMTMA to sign your business up! All participants will receive a certificate of participation with their travel miles and CO2 savings noted.
  • Visions of Bicycling. To celebrate Bike Month and the beauty that is bicycling, GMTMA is hosting a photo contest! Click here for information.
  • Find a Biking Buddy. Want a bicycling buddy? Email GMTMA and we will help connect you with other bicyclists who are going to your destinations.
  • Tell Us About Your Event. Is your community hosting a bike-related activity in May in Mercer County or Ocean County, NJ? Let GMTMA know about it, and we’ll post it here!
  • Be a Bike-Friendly Business. Are you a bike-friendly business giving out perks to bicyclists during the month of May? Let GMTMA know about it, and we’ll post it here!
  • Bike to School Day. In 2013, Bike to School Day will be May 8. Let the bike bells ring – event registration is now open at! If you have any questions, email GMTMA.

Green Commuter Rewards

Yes, it’s possible to save money commuting AND put money back in your pocket with the Green Commuter Rewards program from Greater Mercer TMA. Green Commuter Rewards offers qualified commuters rebates for online purchases at over 1,000 online stores.

This great incentive program offers qualified commuters rebates for online purchases. Green Commuter Rewards provides access to over 1,000 online stores, who in turn, offer rebates for purchases. The program is available to commuters who carpool, vanpool, use mass transit, walk or bicycle for 24 times over a 60 day period.

In order to qualify for Green Commuter Rewards, a commuter must register and track green commute trips. Upon completing a requisite number of green commute trips, the applicant will qualify for the Green Rewards Program. It is that simple!

Click here for more info and to register online.

Exit 7A Job Access Update

Work continues on improving job access to the Robbinsville distribution centers.  Businesses at the Northeast and Matrix Business Parks recently attended a meeting sponsored by GMTMA, Mercer County Planning and Economic Development, Mid Jersey Chamber of Commerce, MCCC and RISE.  Held at the Holiday Inn East Windsor, GMTMA and the County presented information on the issues and financial impacts created by a lack of public transportation to the 7A distribution centers.  Possible solutions, including the development of new shuttles and the deviation of some existing NJ TRANSIT bus routes were also presented.  Next steps include collecting and analyzing survey data from the businesses and refining the solutions.

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