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Park(ing) Day is a worldwide event where people across the world temporarily repurpose street parking spaces into tiny parks and places for people to spend time outdoors. The inspiration behind parklets and streateries, started as a way to bring awareness about the way we design and build spaces and how we can create vibrant community spaces. Parklets are public spaces that sit on the street, transforming parking spaces into a “front porch for the neighborhood.”  Parklets are designed to include seating, greenery, and/or bike racks and are a partnership between the city, local businesses, and residents. One example of such space is the Princeton Parklet, now in it’s fifth year, which is brought to the public by the Princeton Arts Council with the help of local business sponsors, the Municipality of Princeton, and a design team. The concept has proven to be very popular around the world and to celebrate Park(ing) Day,  we’re sharing 10 great ideas for a parklet. Here they are: 

 1. Princeton Parklet – it includes ample seating and greenery and it is close to restaurants, coffee shops, and other shops in the heart of Princeton  

Photo Source: Princeton Arts Council 

2. Toronto Parklet by Ryerson University – a modular structure of wood benches designed by students at the Ryerson University  

Photo source: 

 3. The “front porch for the neighborhood” parklet, Vancouver – the seat was created from recycled wood, the planters contain edible plants, and it includes a play space for kids.  

Photo Sources: 

 4. Pop-up seating and play space, Australia – this concept would probably fit well in a shopping center, it includes ample seating and a play area for kids.  You can see the full design here. 

5. Wheelchair accessible parklet – from the same people who designed the pop-up seating and play space, a design that considers different mobility needs and accessibility. You can see the design here.  

6. Turning parking into a community park in Chengdu, China – plenty of greenery, seating, water features, and visual appeal. You can see the design here.  

 7. New York, pop-up café  

Image source: 

8. San Francisco brings the indoor outdoors – the streatery includes a fireplace and paintings on the walls. Kudos for creativity 

Image source: 

9. Sunset Parklet, San Francisco – includes features that could appeal to children and nice bike racks 

Image Source: 

10. City of Phoenix Parklet Design and Build Kit – at number ten we wanted to include this handy kit from the City of Phoenix. It goes into the nitty gritty of getting approvals, materials, designs, ideas, and more. Click here to access the guide.  


Happy Car Free Week and Park(ing) day! 

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