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A recent New York Times article discusses the bump in bike vacations as gas prices stay relatively high and economic gloom and doom abounds. According to the Adventure Cycling Association, a nonprofit organization that promotes bicycle touring and charts bike routes around the country, 2010 was a bumper year for bicycle travel.

Would you vacation by bike? If you’re interested, the Adventure Cycling Association offers carefully detailed maps of biking routes and links to other routes as well. If you’re staying in New Jersey, the New Jersey Bike Map project is a useful resource, showing which New Jersey roadways are the best for cyclists. Towns, counties and bicycle clubs also provide maps and information about trails, routes and other facilities for bicyclists. Transportation Alternatives also has a comprehensive list of bike maps for the New York City metro area. Finally, the New Jersey Department of Transportation has a lot of good bike safety and bike route info on its website.

Happy biking!

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