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While you’re dieting to get yourself into your bathing suit this summer, you might want to also consider going on a carbon diet. TerraPass, a company dedicated to helping people reduce their climate impact, is promoting its “Summer Carbon Slimdown” program, which allows users to pledge to do between 1 and 5 activities this summer that will help you have a “slimmer” carbon footprint.

One of the five tips involves transportation: Keep Your Car Out of Your Commute. They’re asking people to pledge to not commute by car at least one day per week, and instead telecommute, bike, walk, or ride transit. You can also use their online calculator to see what your transportation carbon footprint is, and see how much good you’re doing by not driving to work just once a week.

One of GMTMA’s primary missions is to help people and employers in our region reduce their carbon footprint from driving, so we are ready to help you keep your car out of your commute. This means that we are here to give you all the information and resources you need to get out of your car. We have a great program for green commuters, which you can register for here; a Park and Ride Locator, where you can find a convenient location to meet your carpool or vanpool; information on rideshare parking permit at the Princeton Junction Train Station;  information on how to find a carpool that works for you; info on how to find or start up a vanpool; and many resources on riding the bus and train, and bicycling and walking.

So are you ready to slim down this summer and keep your car out of your commute? We want to hear from you!

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