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Introducing the PickUP program

The solution to your transportation problem is already in your building!

PickUP is a program that adds subsidies and incentives to the Waze Carpool App. Waze Carpool is a dynamic carpooling app that connects drivers and riders already traveling to similar employment destinations. With Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association’s (GMTMA) new program, PickUP, potential/current employees in targeted areas of Mercer and Middlesex County will have improved access to job opportunities in the warehouse/distribution area along the Rt. 130 corridor – all at a low cost by using the Waze Carpool app to commute to work.

How is PickUP different from other carpool programs?

Unlike other carpool programs, PickUP uses a dynamic ridesharing app, Waze Carpool. This means that carpool matches can be made on-the-fly, even day-of. The sign-up process is also much easier, users just need to download the app to get started. Many of your employees may already have the Waze app downloaded on their phones! All rates are set by the app, so negotiating a price is not necessary. And because this program is being subsided by Greater Mercer TMA, riders will only pay $1.

Here is how your business will benefit:

Expand your labor market

Transit options are very limited in the 8A warehouse district and oftentimes do not properly sync with shift schedules. PickUP will increase the number of transportation options new employees have for getting to work. No longer will you hire someone only to find out they cannot consistently get to your warehouse.

Reduced Turnover and the Associated Costs

On average, warehouse employee turnover is estimated to cost 25% of the employee’s salary. Help eliminate this cost by ensuring that workers always have a reliable way to get to work.

Increased Productivity

We understand that a current problem with traditional carpooling is that if the driver can’t come to work, then all the carpoolers also miss their shift. With PickUP, the other carpoolers will now have the opportunity to find a different carpool to get to work that day/morning/evening, reducing your absenteeism rate.

Help your employees get some extra money in their pockets, all at no cost to you

Employees who use PickUP as a driver will offset the cost of their commute just by driving to work. Riders get a very low cost option to work. Drivers and riders have more money in their pocket by using PickUP with Waze Carpool. It’s a win-win all around, and it is absolutely free for your organization to participate!

Group Of Happy Friends Having Fun In The Car

This program is being subsidized by Greater Mercer TMA through grant funding, which enables the following benefits:

  Low cost rides! Initial cost will be only $1.00 for a ride and will remain low- at or below $4.00 through 12/31/21 in the target areas.

  Bonus cash for drivers participating in the PickUP program.

  Additional financial incentives for employees who participate (riders and drivers).

  Substitute ride home! Employees who sign up will be eligible for two free substitute rides home if they used the Waze Carpool app to get to work, but fail to find a ride home.

Here’s how it works

  Employees are invited to join the custom PickUP group within the Waze Carpool app, signing up as either a driver or a rider

They’re matched with fellow coworkers or workers in the area who have a similar route and schedule.

Riders contribute to the cost of gas and tolls through their fare payment. For riders in the carpool group this is subsidized by GMTMA. Payment is handled through the app – no cash exchanged.

The subsidy is automatically applied for riders, drivers will get paid the standard Waze Carpool rate, around $7 per trip (not including additional bonus incentive) depending on the distance of the ride.

We will be launching this campaign on August 3, 2021.

here’s what we need from you

In order for this program to be successful, we will need lots of drivers and riders to sign up for the app. That is where you come in. We’d like to work with you in attracting both riders and drivers to sign up for the program. When they do, you and your community will start enjoying the benefits. We have extensive support material available to promote the program. We can even tailor our marketing campaign to fit your particular work environment! Also, we’re available to provide promotional support such as tabling at your location. We’re very excited to be able to offer this program to mitigate the transportation barriers that impact both employees and employers in your location.

Contact Steven DaCosta (Sdacosta@gmtma.org) to begin promoting the PickUP program at your workplace.
We look forward to working with you soon!

Find out if you qualify for the program by checking the map

PickUP is currently only available to businesses in the 8A Warehouse district or along the Rt. 571 corridor (See map). At launch, only riders who live in Trenton, East Windsor, Hightstown will qualify for the subsidy, with plans to expand to all of Mercer County.

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