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bs_111725While today is clear and crisp, New Jersey’s ozone season is here, and will continue through September 6th. We are grateful that we haven’t had any Air Quality Action days yet, but we know they will come soon, and everyone should be prepared.

Action days are usually called on days when the hot summer air combines with the pollutants in the air, causing the air quality to be unhealthy to breathe.

A great way to be prepared and help clear our air is have your business get involved with the NJ Transit OzonePass program. This program encourages people to ride transit (which creates much less air pollution than driving in cars does) by offering bulk quantities of transit passes for $3.00 round trip. The passes are valid for NJ Transit buses, trains, and light rail. The tickets are only available through businesses for use within New Jersey (not to New York or Philadelphia) on declared Air Quality Action Days.  For more information, please contact Aly Dyson at

Want to know when an Air Quality Action day has been declared? Click here to sign up for the Air Quality Action Day Alerts.

Learn more about air quality and what you can do to help.

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