What is Travel Training/Instruction?

Travel training is a group of services used to teach safe and independent travel skills on public transportation, including bus, rail, and light rail. Training skills can be taught for many services provided by NJ TRANSIT, Mercer County, municipalities and private companies.  Trainings are conducted by Greater Mercer TMA and the New Jersey Travel Independence Program NJTIP@Rutgers.

Riders learn how to plan their trips, read schedules, pay fares, use accessibility features and take safety precautions during their travel.

Why is Travel Training Important?

Travel training helps seniors, individuals with disabilities and people with lower incomes improve their mobility which is important to maintain healthy lifestyles, participate in their community and achieve economic success.

The Mercer County Mobility Survey conducted by GMTMA found that 20% of respondents from these populations indicated they did not know the public transportation system well enough to feel comfortable using it. The Mercer County Travel Training Program will assist seniors, individuals with disabilities and people with lower incomes overcome these obstacles to using public transportation and improve their mobility.


Goals of the Mercer County Travel Training Program:

  • Improve the ability of people with disabilities, seniors and low income populations to travel safely to employment, healthcare, social services and recreation
  • Increase professionals’ awareness of the transportation services that are locally available
  • Educate consumers on how to use transportation services
  • Increase the number of people with the ability to provide travel instruction to the targeted populations by training vocational and social service staff
  • Increase confidence and independence for the targeted populations

What Types of Organizations are Eligible to Receive Travel Training Under This Program:

  • Senior Housing Facilities
  • Municipal Senior Centers/Organizations
  • Job placement agencies and organizations
  • Agencies and organizations for individuals with disabilities
  • Community based organizations serving transportation disadvantaged populations
  • Transitioning High School Student programs

Types of Travel Training/Instruction Available Under This Program:

Small Group Travel Instruction

Small Group Travel Instruction programs benefit senior citizens and people with disabilities who do not need intensive one-on-one training and enjoy the camaraderie of learning in a group setting. Training sessions for each group will include class instruction and escorted trips to popular local destinations such as a shopping mall or supermarket.

Individuals not affiliated with a community group, may contact GMTMA for information on being placed in a small group travel training class.

Connect-to-transit Seminars Train-the-trainer

Seminars to teach interested professionals and volunteers from social service agencies, schools and senior residences to learn about travel instruction and become more familiar with public transportation.

What is the Cost for Travel Training Instruction?

The Program is Free!

Participants are only responsible for the bus fares on the field trips.

Contact Steve DaCosta,, to request information or register for a Travel Training Event

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