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In this week’s blog we would like to introduce and welcome our newest team member, Steven daCosta. He is GMTMA’s Transportation Planning Specialist.

What attracted you to this job?

I liked the idea of working for a nonprofit, and I really liked GMTMA’s mission. Also I studied transportation planning in graduate school and wanted to get back to my roots.

Why is transportation important for you? 

It’s how I do all my favorite things, like get from my bed to the couchJ  But on a serious note, transportation is the link that gets people to the places they want or need to get to.

What is a favorite thing about your job?  

I like the diversity of work, and that I can get out of the office on a semi-regular basis, to do field work and work within the community for travel training and community events.

Can you share something about your commute?

I little relatively close, Plainsboro, and have to take Alexander road. The closing of the Alexander Bridge has been great for my commute as the roundabout no longer gets backed up as many of the Princeton commuters have to find alternative routes in.

What is your favorite movie?  

Hard to say, my wife and I are really into dark horror movies, the more dreadful the better,  so based on that criteria I would say right now Hereditary. I promise I am not dark or weird in real life.

What was the best moment of your life?

My wedding day (make sure to email this to me wife so I can get credit for saying this)

Favorite transportation/commuting story

When I was in China and me and my friends needed to take a cab from the Great Wall of China back to our hotel. There was only one cab around so we got in, and only after we got onto the highway did we realize that it was not actually a licensed cab. The driver was a little bit crazy, and was blowing through toll booths in order to make extra money. She said she was “old school.” In the end we arrived safely and laughed about it.

Favorite commuting app/gadget

I am pretty basic, I just use Google maps, sometimes Waze.

What else would you like to do if you were not working in transportation?

Not sure what I would be doing, maybe something dog related.

Pet Peeve:    

Gum chewing, I don’t know why, but I really hate gum.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy playing piano, I have been playing since I was a kid.

Favorite foods: 

I am a part time vegan, so any good vegan food really. Shout out to Miss Rachel’s Pantry in Philadelphia, best vegan mozzarella I have ever had.

Welcome Steve!

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